Finding God in Tough Times

Where is God in human troubles? How do you stick with faith or come into faith when there seem to be no answers to human woes?

I wanted to talk about the troubles that our world currently faces. My mind is particularly focused on the Russian war in Ukraine. As this horrible fate unfolds upon the Ukraine, and even upon Russian lives, we find one common denominator among all who believe in the Lord God. There is one thing at the least that we can all do, and that is to pray. When prayer doesn't seem to be enough, we fast and pray some more. But what happens when it seems as if the enemy is winning? How do we deal with the realities of innocent lives being taken? Children, mothers, fathers, teens, and seniors are being bummed out of their homes. War torn and exhausted, people are running for their lives and not knowing if they will see the next hour. These are torn from their families and are separate, maybe forever, or for a very long time. Our hearts break because we hurt for what we see and are seemingly without an effective solution.

The Trial of Faith

These are the moments that rise to threaten our faith in the one truth that is the very source of our answers. Some who never believed in the Lord God are pushed into further unbelief. Some who do believe in the Lord God are pushed to unbelief or even to a decline in faith towards God. For all the troubles, the hurts, the tribulations, the depravity of life, is there an answer? How do we rise from the ashes of earthly woes and stand firm in faith that is unmovable, unshrinkable, and unshakable towards a God who does not answer our prayers in the time and in the way that we need and even plead for? Is war and the sorrows of humanity unknown to God? Does God see? Does God hear? Does God know? Does God care? And some would dare ask, does God exist?

Jesus Gave Us a Heads Up

In Matthew 24, Jesus warned of the sorrows that would befall mankind. He speaks of wars, and rumors of wars, of famines, of pestilence, like Covid-19, of hunger, and of the need for the believer to stand in his faith. Jesus also told us, in John 8:32, that we would know the truth, and the truth would make us free. What do you do with war, and famine, and the angry elements that so often rock humanity in the face of the Creator?

The Resolve

Here lies the need to lay hold upon what Jesus has been trying to tell us. Here is the time to believe His word. It is obvious that God has a plan. A plan that is far greater than human reasoning, logic, understanding, and pain. Here is the moment to humble one's self, to open one's eyes, and to realize that there is a God who knows beyond man's understanding. It is for man to look to the One whose word is infallible and cannot be changed nor escaped. Here lies wisdom. Here is the call to not question, but to pray, to believe, to trust that there is an ultimate greater good at the end of man's storms.

Could it be that life is not about time but about eternity? Could it be that the only answer, the only refuge, the only escape, man's only true comfort is found in the very thing that life's tribulations threaten: faith in Jesus Christ? Jesus has never lied to us. Maybe it is time for us to lay aside our limited knowledge, wisdom, and understanding, and accept the council of the one true God who gave His life to save us from an eternity we do not see.

Let us fight the good fight of faith and lay hold on eternal life, 1 Timothy 6:12. In this life suffering, hardship, disappointments, distresses of nations, sorrows upon sorrows, and death, are sure. But since such is true, so is the alternative, that is, eternal peace and abundant everlasting life with Jesus Christ. Let us endeavor to stand, and perhaps even to find God in tough times. Come into Faith.