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Learn to do well; seek judgment, relieve the oppressed,

judge the fatherless, plead for the widow, Isaiah 1:17.

Advocating for vulnerable children and their families that have been displaced by life's circumstances.

Our Sponsored Programs

Kitchen supplies
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First aid supplies
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Laundry supplies
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The Orlando Union Rescue Mission is a faith-based local organization here in Central Florida. They serve men, women, and children who are displaced and are in need of daily meals and a safe place to reside. 

Children's Home Society of Florida exists to build bridges to success for children by offering them the opportunity to realize their full potential.  We support CFS's transitional and independent living programs for teens aging out of the foster system.  According to CFS's needs list, we help by providing necessary supplies to our teens as they transition into their new homes.  See below.

NOTE:  Our list does not endorse any particular vendor, supplier, or manufacturer.  We make purchases according to what makes economic sense in support of our budget.

Cleaning supplies
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Bathroom supplies
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Love A Child is a ministry located in Haiti. Over many years they have served the needs of poor orphaned children and children who have at least one parent but are not sufficiently provided for. Bobby and Sherry and their team are doing an awesome work, but the need is great. Jesus said we would always have the poor with us. So, let us each do our part to help the less fortunate. 

Ways you can help in your community

Florida Department of Children and Families is a government agency that, through collaborations with local agencies and faith-based organizations, works to support vulnerable families through the foster care system.   

Commission127 is a faith-based initiative whose purpose is to equip local churches to launch and lead a Family Advocacy Ministry to strengthen and support foster, adoptive and biological families in crisis.

One More Child is a faith-based international effort that exists to provide Christ-centered services to vulnerable children and struggling families.