We are women, so we want to know, share, and care; it's how we thrive. Everyone has a story that's worth hearing. We experience life in ways that are vastly unique and incredible similar.  My experience as a fatherless daughter has brought me to my purpose. I am committed to spending the rest of my earth life reaching and serving the needs of women and children in as many ways as the Lord would have me to. We all have a story, but it is not enough to just tell it. We must allow our messes, miseries, and misfortunes to be transformed into a mission. Christ Divine Assembly, my favorite work yet, is the local church organization where I assisted my husband Arthur in pastoring for 15 years. Before this, we served in a prayer and evangelical ministry that brought us to Nigeria, Africa where I served as choir director for a local church youth group. It is becoming increasingly clear to me that our life experiences are not all about us. Earth is very much a hurting world. We are here to work together to make life better for as many people as possible and doing so by whatever means necessary.  Until He comes, SERVE!

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Norma Kerr

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